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Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program or for short “SIWP” is nothing more than adding more benefits to your already existing business. Shaklee is a Health and Wellness company that has been doing business since 1956. Dr Shaklee invented the first multivitamin and biodegradable safe cleaning products.

To the small business that wants to grow their business and never lose their customers plus a built-in retirement plan for you and your employees. This is a must read!

Key benefits:

  • Retain customers for life
  • Consistent money flow
  • Retirement Plan
  • Growing your business outside your four walls and service area.
  • Happy Employees
  • Employees earn commission

So tell me? Are you interested in offering any of these benefits to your already existing business?

Fitness Studios or Dance Studios Or Karate

 It so simple to create and implement a strategy to your already existing business. Just say you have a fitness business and you can’t seemed to keep your classes full or maintain client retention. As a instructor you already have one advantage which is your attention. If you were to teach each of your students the importance of healthy nutrition and you offer quality supplements from an wellness company with proven results. You can have a client for life.

 Healthy Products

Maid Service, House Cleaning

Another example is to say that you are in the business of cleaning homes. A maid service. You have repeat customers and sometimes you lose customers. Once your cleaning job is done, you collect your money, pay your help, and keep your profit, right? You have employees that needs more hours, they want to make more money, and is worried about the future when they retire, so they quit working for you in search to make more money elsewhere. Due to unsatisfied employees, now you don’t have enough maids to fulfill your work orders. For each customer, you let them know that you use Green Products for most of your cleaning and recommend they should only clean with safe products too? You leave a gift and a biz card & thank you note. When they run out of gift of cleaner, they will order from your site. So know not only do they use your services they buy products from you and a customer for life. Just by teaching this little strategy to your employees, that everytime a customer signs up to buy Green products that its building your employees retirement, extra money in their pocket. It is a win-win for the owner and employees and most importantly the customer can rest assure that their home is SAFE from contaminants.


All in all you have a customer for life and if that employee leaves or quits, you still have them in your business for life and you never lose. This business model is a way to build your business outside your four walls so you can consistently earn money!

I welcome you to be part of the Shaklee family and grow your business just by SHARING!

Contact me if you are interested in building your business. I will teach you how to implement this strategy for your success.

Julie Harris


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