Changing Brands Can Change Your LIfe

My quest for safer products began many years ago. It started out with me begin sick all the time. I had no clue why? I started going to an allergist as an last resort. I found out that I had so many allergies that range from my food intake, my animals, my cleaners, basically my whole house! I eliminated items very slowly cause I was on a budget. I took me a couple of years. Today my allergies are in control, I don’t get sick, I haven’t had the pneumonia in 19 years. I rarely get colds. Then I was able to have children again, for almost 9 yrs I had no immune system to produce eggs….yeah! I was really sick, I now have 6 kids,


Product Price compare

Switching cleaners was the hard part because, I liked the scent that cleaners left after you cleaned your home. I thought you had to hear the squeak every time you wiped. I had so many products for each thing that I cleaned. Once I made that switch, I had more room in my cabinets, I ended up liking the new scent, I was confident knowing that these products are safe for me to breath and my children. WOW! I ended up saving a ton of money! these cleaners are the best! every home should have them. Try it yourself!

get clean pic Shakelee cost comparisonLook at how much cheaper it is to use Shaklee, cost Pennies!