How do you choose the right vitamin

There are so many choices. Do we believe what the bottle says? If they sell it at Wal-Mart or Walgreen , CVS, or drug store, we should just trust that they are safe? what if you got an Rx from your doctor and they are Prescription vitamins from the pharmacy, are they safe?

I hate to bust your bubble, but vitamins are not regulated by the FDA. There are thousands of companies claiming they have the best, natural supplements in the market. Some may have in-house testing and test one sample, and tell you that you can read the results.

Not good enough. There are a handful of companies that do adhere to strict guidelines to safety, in house testing, along with 3rd party testing, and on every batch not just a sample. Some goes beyond they want to be sure where the ingredients come from, they test the soil, watch out for climate changes. Yeah! only a handful of companies goes beyond the call, to make sure you are putting the best supplements in your body.

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Vitamin Checklist


Christmas = Sugar Intake

Well, I know, I heard it a thousands times….”but it’s Christmas” or “I will just have a little”, because it’s the season to eat up on all the festive sweets. Also, it could be that you just wanted to try out this new recipe. Well, whatever the reason I hope you are taking your Shaklee vitamins, herb-lax, and Ez-gest. You will want to be sure your body can rid those toxins out so your digestive system can work properly.

Dr Oz, Do You Watch His Show?

Dr OZ? do you watch his show? pretty interesting stuff donโ€™t you agree? But do you go out buy all the products that are on his show? because a TV Doctor Star recommends it? Again another example of products that are being promoting on TV, even by an doctor, itโ€™s all about the ratings and the money they receive from the manufacturing companies to promote their products. The vitamin industry is not regulated, their are only a few companies that adhere to strict guidelines, and scientific testing #mehmetOZ companies that do are #shaklee #nutriblanceyourwaytohealth #fundraiserandproductspecialist


Watch the video to his confession.

Dr Oz, admits to promoting products that does not pass Scientific Muster.