Changing Brands Saved My Life

Thankful in Many Ways…….. changing brands

  • For one I got my health on track and my family too!
  • I learn so much about what it means to know what’s in your products.
  • I took cleaning to a whole new level, read my page on “A Healthy Home”. Get Clean, safe green products.
  • I had no idea all that many sports nutrition had so many chemicals. I tried so many brands they all just seemed to make my young athletes sick, a bad aftertaste, which most kids do not like. You can read more on my Sports Nutrition page or in Small Talk – “sports nutrition”.
  • My beautiful skin……I never wanted to share my secrets! When I do, sometimes they just don’t believe me. Learn more in Small Talk tab under Healthy Skin….Enfuselle Skin Nutrition is the best; I don’t need to buy in another country so that, I can get safely regulated skin care. In our country, the USA cosmetics is unregulated.
  • At my age, I seemed to gain weight out of nowhere….yeah Shaklee saved me there too. Since, Shaklee 180 works with the body and targets the right component. So you lose fat and not the muscle. Plus it works so great for women, and you don’t have to worry about the soy protein, they way they process it, it’s safe for your thyroids.
  •  I can’t live without my Life Shakes. I don’t drink them every day. I drink them when I am in a hurry. They totally help to eliminate eating at fast foods on the go….most importantly I know what I am putting in my body…..
  • We are the only Nutritionals company with over a hundred peer review articles and actual clinical studies on our products from third party companies.
  • Wow! I earn money for just sharing! I love being a nutritional consultant. It is my passion to pass on good quality products.
    • The money tree grew over time.
    • So simple to share.
    • Changing brands, one at a time or buy kits!
    • Get paid to share.
    • Do what you love and money comes!
    • Changing brands save my life, in health, safely cleaned home, and got me out of debt!

what if

I Switched brands, one-at-a-time, I did not have a budget to buy all that I wanted to try. Which, allowed me try products first and replaced all with what I liked. I then became a distributor and began too shared the products that I used, so all my efforts rewarded. At that time, I just wanted to make enough money to pay for all the products that I bought from Shaklee.

After I used the products for over a year and sharing them. I started getting bonus checks…Well, I liked that. As a busy mom, who traveled with her kids sports, I did not have time to go out and get a full-time job. So I was stuck with a degree and student loans that I couldn’t pay but I was planning to it was just not the right time… kids came first, and I was not about to let them down.

Little did I knew, this sharing grew into paychecks! I have an income, a business that I love!

Most people have jobs and hate it! Even if they make a lot of money or barely getting by…….they hated their job……..

Shaklee, switching brands Saved my life!