Simple Fundraising

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Fundraising don’t need to be complicated. If you’re an non-profits and are looking for an much easier way to raise funds for your cause. I have an simpler solution for you. I can help you set up an on-going fund raising, that is FREE to get started just by submitting an short two page application. You must be an legal non-profit organization with 501-C3 documentation to support it. All you do is share your cause with your members & friends, and show them how they can help with your fundraising activities. You will get a FREE  website to send your members to  make purchases of products that they already consume. All they do is switch brands and buy from your website. Yeah it’s that easy 80% of your members will support your cause for a common goal. Your non-profit can make anywhere from $100 a month to $3500 a month, you decide how much you need and can always give your additional proceeds to help other organization.  Are you ready to fund your goals and meet your budget? Fill out the 2-page application, SCAN the forms in and you can be up in running in little as 30 days!

Application to Apply to this Fundraiser Program

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