Shaklee Performance Team

The Shaklee Effect Team is owned and operated in Texas, but services are throughout the US possibly to reach other countries. They include members, who uses Shaklee products to fuel their athletic performance or who has made a change to effect the environment or in health & wellness. These members are speed skaters, inline speed skaters, boxers, soccer players, world-class athletes, Olympians, business opportunist, & non-profits teams, or who joined my fundraisers programs.

****Names are used interchangeably as: “The Shaklee Effect Team” or Shaklee Performance Team”. Also, please note that this is the Jr team, the Sr team has the word “Pure” in their title like this “Shaklee Pure Performance Team” but they are all part of the Shaklee Effect or Shaklee family.

The Shaklee Effect Team – are those who share, help people make a difference by improving their health, wellness, fitness, athletic abilities, safer environment, and financial freedom. As a team, we work together to help you succeed in your goals.

Shaklee’s Pure Performance Athletes

Is a group of world-class athletes “Olympians” that has been hand-picked by a variety of highly competitive sports. These athletes have the most stringent anti-doping regulation in sports, so what they put into their body is critically important to them. To ensure that they’re not only getting the performance and efficacy they need to compete, but also guaranteed quality and purity. These top athletes, who already won over 120 gold, silver, and bronze medals, all have chosen to use Shaklee.

Note: “Shaklee Pure Performance Team” are part of the Shaklee Corporation as chosen athletes, but are part of the Shaklee family. “Shaklee Performance Team” is much like a Jr version of the Pure Performance Team, we will recognize them as part of Shaklee Effect and family.

Shaklee Performance Team

I am currently looking to sponsor individuals who are serious about their athletic performance as well as sharing your story effect on product use. Contact me by email. Send me your resume and tell me why you would be a good fit to represent “The Shaklee Effect Team”.

For whole team sponsorship looking to raise funds – contact me by email with your name, teams name, type of sport, phone number, and best time to call, and I will call you back to discuss your funding goals and how we can reach that.

Contact: Julie Harris @


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